KORUA was born from a group of friends, who happened to be snowboard nerds in their 30’s, dreaming about a brand that would be relatable while still speaking to their individual riding levels and styles. Early on it was clear that the focus would have to be on making fun boards that turn exceptionally well and are easy to ride. We focused on wider shapes that would still allow easy edge-to-edge transitioning, letting you carve low on slopes and generate more float in powder. As a result, our boards are at their core, great all-round snowboards. While putting more emphasis on the shape itself, and offering a timeless product without graphics, we are able to be free of seasonal “collections”, which in turn keeps production more sustainable and lowers the customers urge to buy a new board every year.

Since its inception, KORUA has been about building progressive snowboards, thinking outside of the box, and simply having fun snowboarding with our friends, all while capturing this true passion for snowboarding in our ongoing Yearning For Turning video series.

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