Sandbox Helmets was founded in 2007 in Whistler, Canada by Kevin Sansalone.

As a uniquely rider owned company we knew that we could develop a collection of fun and stylish helmets that offered industry leading protection that riders would actually want to wear. From the unique brim on the Classic to the street inspired style of the Legend, we have continued to develop a tight collection with our signature style.

When the snow’s gone, the fun doesn’t stop. We’re all out here for the adventure so we soon added wake, skate and bike to satisfy our need for year round excitement.

We’re committed to working with riders at the grass roots level and continue to support our sports through involvement in camps, events and rider exposure.

We understand that action sports and our riders needs are continually evolving and progressing. Our dedication to progression and creativity make Sandbox one of the industry’s most respected and well loved helmet choices.

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